Copy Course Content from Blackboard Learn to another Blackboard Learn Course


If you would like to copy the contents of a course you’ve previously taught in the Blackboard Learn course management system into a shell for the upcoming term:


1)    Log into Blackboard Learn at with your GothicNet ID and your GothicNet password

2)    Click on the title of the “source” course (the course which you would like to copy)

3)    Make sure your Edit Mode is On and click “Packages and Utilities” (in the Course Management area on the left side of your course)

4)    Select Course Copy

5)    Browse for and select the destination course (the empty course shell you would like to copy INTO)

6)    Click the “Select All” button and then click the “Submit” button

Access the ‘new’ course shell and make sure the notice at the top shows that the copy has completed.  You will need to re-arrange the order of items in the side course tools panel and remove some duplicate items.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Department of Online Learning at 201-200-3449 or e-mail us at