Associating Rubrics


Associated rubrics are visible in the grading and rubrics sections for:

You can also associate a rubric in the Grade Center by selecting Edit Column Information from the column's contextual menu.

To associate a rubric during the editing or creation process, point to Add Rubric to access the drop-down list and choose one of the options:

When associating a points-based rubric, the option to use the rubric's points value as the Points Possible are available after clicking Submit on the rubric creation or selection page.

Managing Associated Rubrics

While editing an item with an associated rubric, you can change the rubric's options.

Below an associated rubric's name, manage associated rubrics using the icons to Remove Rubric Association, View Rubric, or Edit Rubric.

For the Type, you can designate a rubric as Used for Grading or Used for Secondary Evaluation. If you associate multiple rubrics, you can use only one as the primary grading rubric, designated as Used for Grading.

Show Rubric to Students offers four options for rubric visibility:


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