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Department of Online Learning

WebCT Designer Group Meeting Summary
February 10, 2005


Leveraging the Power of the WebCT Content Module
Jennifer Brown and Janey Oliphint, Educational Technologists in the Department of Online Learning, presented on the topic of Using the Content Module, a powerful tool for organizing web based course content in the WebCT learning management system.

The benefits of utilizing this tool were discussed, and hands-on time using the Content Module provided participants with practical experience with the following:

How to add the WebCT content module tool to a course
Effective methods of uploading and organizing course content
The addition of action menu links to other instructional tools such as glossary, a search tool, and links to discussion and quizzes.
A brief overview of converting PowerPoint to a webpage and the use of WebDav were also discussed. More information can be found in the links below.

Meeting Materials
Introduction to Content Modules (PowerPoint)
Using the WebCT Content Module Handout

Help Files
Using PowerPoint in WebCT
Zipping Files for WebCT
Uploading Files with WebDav


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