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WebCT Designer Group Meeting Summary
February 15, 2006

Using Turnitin & Respondus to Enhance Teaching and Learning
The first WebCTea Designers Group Meeting of the Spring 2006 semester focused on two new technologies that have been recently introduced to enhance teaching and learning with WebCT. On February 15, 2006, Jennifer Brown and Janey Oliphint, Educational Technologists in the Department of Online Learning, presented on the use of the following tools:

Turnitin - an electronic resource that assists in the detection and deterrence of plagiarism
Respondus – a software application that makes creating quizzes for WebCT and moving them from course to course a snap
A demo of each of the technologies was provided and the benefits of using them were discussed.

NJCU has obtained campus-wide licenses for both tools and faculty may request accounts be created to use the software for their courses. More information on the technologies as well as how to obtain accounts can be found in the links below.

Additional Turnitin Resources:

Using Turnitin
Instructor Quickstart Guide
Turnitin User Manual

Turnitin Account Request Form

Additional Respondus Resources

Using Respondus
Respondus Account Request Form

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