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WebCT Designer Group Meeting Summary
September 28, 2006


Using the Horizon Wimba Live Classroom in WebCT
The first WebCT Designers Group Meeting of the Fall 2006 semester took place on September 28 and introduced faculty to the HorizonWimba Live Classroom. The Live Classroom is a synchronous collaboration tool can extend the functionality of WebCT by providing designers with the opportunity to utilize real time two-way audio to communicate with students. It provides the opportunity to share content such as PowerPoint presentations in real time with students, conduct polls, share applications, and archive your Horizon Wimba Live Classroom sessions so that students who miss the sessions or need reinforcement of the material can view the archive at their convenience.

During the meeting, an overview of the tool was provided along with the many benefits that can be realized from using the Live Classroom in WebCT. A live demo was also provided where participants were able to see a PowerPoint presentation, hear audio, participate in a poll and learn how easy it is to add the tool to a course in WebCT. Finally, faculty were provided with steps for getting started using the tool.

Xiaoli Fang, Distance Learning Librarian, also spoke on resources available to online students. It was advised that faculty members might introduce the Tutorial to their students, or require students to go through the tutorial as an assignment.

In addition, the library’s online resources were promoted and a bunch of handouts about Information Literacy Tutorial, Q&ANJ online reference, citation guides, etc. were distributed. These handouts may be obtained by contacting Xiaoli in the library.

Additional HorizonWimba Resources
HorizonWimba Live Classroom Handout


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