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WebCT Designer Group Meeting Summary
October 19, 2004


Finding Learning Objects for Use in WebCT
Jennifer Brown and Janey Oliphint, Educational Technologists in the Department of Online Learning, presented on the topic of Learning Objects in Online Learning. The meeting focused on providing faculty with an overview of learning objects and described the various benefits to both faculty and students. Examples of learning objects were shown with a variety of object types demonstrated. Resources to assist faculty in finding and accessing learning objects through online repositories were provided. Several examples of objects were displayed in WebCT so that faculty could see how they may be used in a course.

What are Learning Objects and How Do I Find Them?
You will need PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer to view this file.

Learning Object Resources

View Examples of Learning Objects in WebCT
Log in to WebCT with the following information in order to view examples of learning objects in WebCT. You will see an example of a Jeopardy quiz and an assessment tool.

To login, use the following:
WebCT URL: http://webbct.njcu.edu
Password: WebCT

Click on the course title Learning Objects in WebCT
Click Lessons on the course homepage


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