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WebCT Designer Group Meeting Summary
November 10, 2004


Customizing e-Packs in the Redesign of Your Online Course
On November 10, 2004, the Department of Online Learning hosted an interactive workshop designed for faculty who were considering using e-Packs (or publisher content designed for use in WebCT) for online or web-enhanced courses. The workshop included presentations by NJCU Professor and Department Chairperson Bo Yaworsky and Sam McCool, an English Department faculty member at UNLV. While entertaining questions from participants, the two faculty members discussed their experiences using and customizing e-Packs. Finally, Scott Maddern, Digital Content Sales Manager for WebCT demonstrated methods participants could use for searching the WebCT website to find digital content to meet the needs of their particular disciplines.

Topics that were discussed included:

  • Advantages of Using E-Packs
  • Locating an e-Pack in your discipline
  • Evaluating e-Pack features
  • Aligning your planned course activities and outcomes with e-Pack features
  • Using e-Packs to build online programs and meet department goals.

Workshop Presenters

Bo Yaworsky, Chairperson
NJCU Criminal Justice Department
View Presention: Some Thoughts about Using e-Packs

Samuel A. McCool, English Department Faculty Member
University of Nevada-Las Vegas
View Presention: Customizing e-Packs in the Redesign of Your Course

Scott Maddern, Digital Content Sales Manager

Additional Resources:
Digital Content Customer Care
Search page for WebCT e-Packs


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