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WebCT Designer Group Meeting Summary
December 8, 2005


Digital Content in WebCT ePacks: Customizing It & Making It Your Own
On December 8, 2005, Estelita Young, Digital Content Manager for WebCT, conducted a hands-on session for NJCU faculty on the topic of customizing ePacks. Estelita provided tips and tricks for transforming publisher content into a truly customized and exemplary course. The workshop began with an overview of ePacks (WebCT Ready Courses) with an emphasis on the fact that they provide faculty with a variety of online material such as animations, interactive media, critical-thinking activities and quiz and test banks. Participants were shown how to search for ePacks, view demos and request them. Estelita also encouraged faculty to check back in the future if they do not find an ePack in their discipline since the number of ePacks is growing substantially each year. WebCT currently offers 3,500 ePacks in 60 disciplines and all are free for instructors to request. After the demonstration of how to locate and adopt ePacks, Estelita led participants in several hands-on activities to customize an ePack.

About Estelita Young

Estelita Young is WebCT’s Digital Content Manager. Estelita has been with WebCT for six years and has worked in the area of Digital Content for the past year. Before joining WebCT, Estelita was a full-time professor of Spanish and French. She began using WebCT 8 years ago and continues to teach Spanish in Campus Edition and Vista at the college level.

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