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Many textbook publishers provide Blackboard Learn ready content or e-Packs for use in Blackboard Learn. When you adopt an e-Pack and download and restore it in Blackboard Learn, you can customize the e-Pack content to make it truly your own. e-Packs provide a variety of media rich materials including Powerpoint presentations, animations, interactive media, and critical-thinking activities as well as assessment tools such as quiz and test banks.

If you adopt an e-Pack, your students will most likely be required to purchase an access code to enter your course. Access codes are usually bundled with textbooks or may be purchased separately at the Blackboard Learn website. The Department of Online Learning encourages faculty to let them know when they will be using an e-Pack so that this information can be listed on the Online Learning website for the purpose of assisting students in identifying the correct textbook for the course.

If you are interested in adopting an e-Pack for your course, please consult the following resources at the Blackboard Learn website:

  Getting Started With e-Packs

Learn the basics about how to obtain e-Packs and cartridges and use them in Blackboard Learn


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