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How Online Learning Works

How Online Learning Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of taking an on-line course?
The obvious advantage of taking an on-line course is that it allows you fit learning into your already busy lifestyle. In the middle of the night or in the middle of your child's baseball game; in your bathrobe or in formal evening attire, you can "attend" or "attend to" your online course anytime and anywhere. This flexible scheduling is what prompts many individuals to enroll in their first on-line course.

How can I tell if I am the type of student who will be a successful on-line learner?
Successful online learners are generally self-motivated individuals who learn well by reading, enjoy writing, are able to manage time effectively, and work well independently. In addition, they should have a comfort level with the technology required to participate in the course they are taking and should have satisfied any content specific prerequisites.

Wondering if online learning is right for you? Take our online self-assessment to find out.

What technological skills will I need to participate in an online course?
To participate in most online courses, you need to be able to create, send, and receive e-mail and e-mail attachments. You also need to be familiar with using a web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari. Some advanced courses in the MA in Educational Technology program have additional technical requirements. Please check the prerequisites before enrolling.

What equipment and /or software will I need to participate?

You can find the list of hardware and software requirements for participation in an online course at: http://newlearning.njcu.edu/dl/requirements.

How can I brush up on my technical skills before beginning my on-line course?
NJCU provides every registered NJCU online learner with access to the CyberPrimer - a self-paced, online tutorial designed to prepare you for your first online course experience. Here, you will learn basic information about e-mail and netiquette, how to use Web browsers, how to perform more effective searches on the Web and other important skills.

Where can I purchase my textbook for my on-line course?
If your online course requires a textbook, you may purchase it at the New Jersey City University Campus Bookstore located on the first floor of the Gilligan Student Union Building on the NJCU Campus.

You may purchase textbooks from the NJCU Bookstore. For details, please visit the NJCU Book store website at at http://njcu.bncollege.com or call (201) 200-3503.

Online students may also wish to browse major online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble for textbooks and recommended course readings.

How will I communicate with my instructor and classmates?
There are many ways to communicate in an online course. Some of the most prevalent communication methods utilized by faculty include course messages, discussion and chat. The extent to which each of these methods is used is determined by the instructor. The instructor may correspond individually with a student via the course messages tool to comment on student work and/or to answer questions. Course messages may also be sent to the entire class to post instructions for completing assignments, or the instructor may post a question or comment for student response. Similarly, students have the ability to either send a course message to the entire class, to their instructor only, or to individual students in the class.

Just like a cork board, the discussion forum provides a place for faculty to tack up questions for student discussion. In on-line learning, this is frequently called asynchronous (or not-at-the-same-time) communication. One message follows the other in chronological order, and individuals can respond not only to the original posting, but also to comments made by other students. This is called a threaded discussion.

On-line chat provides an opportunity for faculty and students to communicate with one another in synchronous (or at-the-same-time) discussions. Faculty may schedule formal chats with their students to cover specific content and/or to solicit the participation of invited guests which may include renowned experts in their fields. Students may also use on-line chat to form study groups or to gather informally with classmates.

How do I turn in my assignments?
Your instructor will provide you with instructions for how to submit assignments since procedures vary from class to class. Many classes utilize electronic submission of assignments which may include submitting work via e-mail, e-mail attachments or uploading files to a server. Other instructors may require that assignments be submitted via fax or snail mail or some combination of the aforementioned methods.

Is the course content the same as in a traditional course?
The course content in our online courses is the same as in traditional courses. Online learning is not easier than learning in the traditional face-to-face format. In fact, many students report it requires more time and commitment.

Can I earn my degree on-line at NJCU?
NJCU currently offers one degree program that can be completed online:

Although it may be possible for you to take a great number of your required courses on-line, we have no other programs at the university offered solely through participation in online courses.

Can I apply for Financial Aid?
Matriculated graduate students and undergraduates who are enrolled or who have been accepted for enrollment as a regular student working toward a degree in an eligible program may apply for Financial Aid. Applications may be obtained from the NJCU Financial Aid Office. Non-matriculated graduate students and non-classified undergraduate students are not eligible to apply for financial aid or loans.

Further information can be found in the Financial Aid section of Getting Started.

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