Restore Course Content from Blackboard CE8 to Blackboard Learn

Step #1:

In Blackboard CE 8:


-Login to Blackboard CE at .

-Go to the course that you would like to import into Blackboard Learn and make sure that you are in the “Build Tab”

-Under “Designer Tools” (below your course menu) select “Manage Course”

-Select “Backup” and then the “Backup Course” button.

-After several minutes, the status of the backup will display “Completed.” You may need to exit the Backup screen and return to the same screen to see this updated.

-Click on the action link to the right of the backup file name and select “Save as File.”

-Save the file to your “My Files” area and select “OK.” (this process may take several minutes)

-Then go to your “My Files” area (either via your File Manager in your course or from the “Content Manager” tab from your “My Web Courses” welcome page). Then download the file to your desktop by selecting the action link to the right of the backup file.


Step #2:

In Blackboard Learn:


-Login to Blackboard Learn 9.1 at

-Enter the course where you would like to import the backup file to.

-Below your course menu, expand “Packages and Utilities” and then select “Import Package/View Logs”

-Select the “Import Package” button to import the backup file that was saved to your desktop.

-This process may take several minutes. You will see your course content appear once you refresh your screen once the process has completed. Cleanup/delete the content that is not needed (including the empty content areas in your course menu that were already present from the course template).


If you need further assistance, please contact the Department of Online Learning at 201-200-3449 or e-mail us at